It became known that the creators of the new Total War Saga: Troy decided to provide gamers with an excellent opportunity to pick up a game on their PC for free and forever. Creative Assembly company and publisher SEGA announced that the next part of the popular Total War franchise will be a temporary exclusive to the Epic Games Store service, according to the game portal hermit gamer. To attract the maximum number of players to the Total War Saga: Troy novelty, the creators will make it free for one day at the time of release. In the first days after the release of the strategy, EGS users will be able to get this game for free. After that, Total War Saga: Troy will be paid and will be sold for a year only in the Epic Games service. You can get the game for free on August 13th. Total War Saga: Troy is already the 14th game of the popular Total War series and the second game with the subtitle Saga, reports. This time, players will be able to become commanders of the Bronze Age and influence the course of the Trojan War. When creating Total War Saga: Troy, the developers relied on the mythology of this era, on the legendary work of Homer "The Iliad", as well as on data obtained by archaeologists and other scientists. The authors of the strategy tried to combine historical realism with myths and even added different bonuses to different factions that they receive from the gods of Olympus. Total War Saga: Troy will be released on August 13 in the Epic Games Store on PC and 24 hours will be available for free. The release on Steam and other digital services is scheduled for August 2021.

The newest residential address in the capital located at the heart of the resurging mixed used neighborhood of Dzorwulu. It is bordered by the George Bush Highway (N1), the Olusegun Obasanjo Highway, Airport Residential Area and Roman Ridge.

Architectural design cues were taken from the Rubik's cube; evolving into interchanging boxes accentuated by the employed color palette. The dark blocks recede and emphasize the lighter ones at the fore, giving the impression of floaty white boxes.

Tower Cascades

The 11 storey, 30 unit development was thoughtfully crafted to house 2 and 3 bedroom residences with staff bunkers. L-shaped to enhance views, natural light and ventilation, the building is bound together by a central core which acts like a tree trunk with branches seemingly feeding the apartments. Each floor houses 3 apartments with varying location of the main balcony. This offers diverse views per apartment, alternating every other floor.


The apartments come with fully fitted kitchens, wardrobes for all bedrooms, and concealed split air condition units. The open plan style apartments allow for free flowing of household activities. At Tower Cascades, rich textures and sumptuous materials combine to stunning effect, with every detail carefully considered.